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Invite your Rummy Gang to Rummy Millionaire

Do you have a circle of rummy friends who are not still a part of Rummy Millionaire? Or, do you have friends who share common interests? Invite them to Rummy Millionaire, and you can win fabulous referral bonus. You have the opportunity to win Rs.1000 for every friend you invite to Rummy Millionaire.

Invite Friends to Rummy Millionaire

As you know, we always want our players to get maximum benefit out of our platform. The ‘refer and win’ bonus is an extension of our concern for your benefit. We want more people like you to be a part of Rummy Millionaire. This is the major reason why we offer Rs.1000 special bonus to your friend as well; meaning that when you invite your friend to Rummy Millionaire, you get Rs.1000 and your friend also receives the same.

Invite friends to Rummy Millionaire

The important thing to note is that once you invite your circle of rummy friends to Rummy Millionaire, make sure that they deposit and start playing cash rummy games. The bonus will be disbursed in chunks to your rummy millionaire account. Once the bonus is credited to your account, you can start playing more rummy games for cash.

To invite your friends to the portal, you need to be a cash rummy player. The referral bonus is disbursed in parts of 10% of the winnings your friend pays to their opponent on losing a cash rummy game. The same 10% will be credited to your friends account as well. So, this is a win-win scenario, and you can earn more as your friend progress through the game.

So make sure that you utilise this fabulous opportunity to invite your friends and redeem the special bonus. If your friends are not familiar with Rummy, you can navigate them to our tutorial section to learn how to play rummy online. They can also practice in the practice tables before advancing to cash rummy games.

If you want to play rummy with your circle of friends, start inviting today. Increase the bonus as you invite more friends to Rummy Millionaire. You can earn an additional Rs.5000 if you refer more than five friends. So, start inviting your gang now!

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