Indian Rummy Variations You Should Try

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Indian Rummy Variations You Should Try

Indian rummy is now one of the most trending games in iOS and Android app stores. The game is in the top grossing and top rated categories in both of the markets for over 6 months now. With that in mind, we can easily predict Indian rummy will get more popularity and the number of players enjoying it will be at its peak. If you haven’t tried this skill cum strategy card game yet, you can download it for free from any app stores.

Rummy games got multiple variations of the game making you in need of different levels of skills and strategies in line when you play it. Most of the rummy variations are easily available to play on popular online gaming websites and apps. Some of the variations you should try out for both enjoyment and to make real money are mentioned below. Learn the rules of the game and join the tables whenever you feel confident of your skills.


Points Rummy: Points rummy is one of the fastest Indian rummy variations. In this exciting game, the points are assigned with a pre-decided monetary value. The game requires an entry-fee which is assigned point value. The winner of the game takes the points of the opponent’s who have lost and thereby the prize pool. To go big in points rummy, you just need to join a tournament which has a high entry-fee and play good. This is why, this variation of the game remains as a favourite for many online rummy players in India.

Deals Rummy: Deals rummy is another great variant to try if you are planning to relax for more time. At the beginning of the game, number of deals is decided and entry fee is set. The players will have to complete all the deals and player with having maximum points is decided a winner. The game can get unpredictable at times as even if you lose one deal, you can get back to the game in upcoming deals. The game is exciting which makes it a special event game in major live rummy events.

Pool Rummy: The game of pool rummy has a fixed entry and is played with a fixed point value, say, 101 or 201. The players joining the game have to make sure they don’t exceed the point value, if they do, they will be knocked out of the game. The player having least point is declared the winner and will win the prize pool. It may take time to complete each game in this rummy variation as you can make a comeback in each round. If you are good with skills and strategy, you will surely enjoy this rummy variation which requires endurance.

You will find these variations or formats of the game in most of the popular Indian rummy websites. Register at RummyMillionaire today and start practicing to go big on the real money tables.