Tips to Increase Your Winning Percentage in Rummy Tournaments

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Tips to Increase Your Winning Percentage in Rummy Tournaments

Tournaments offer an amazing opportunity for the players to win big by paying a small entry fee.  In fact this is one of the major reason why people choose to take part in rummy tourneys. We host a wide range of tournaments for our players; you can download rummy games to enjoy rummy tourneys on your mobile devices. However, there are some skills that you need to possess to win tourneys.


If you can optimise your gaming style to take part in rummy tournaments, you can win from the huge prize pool. The first thing that you need to have is the focus. If you can maintain the focus throughout the tournament, you can easily win the game. However, below are the checklist that you do not want to miss while participating in online rummy tournaments.

Aim for a pure sequence

This is the most basic thing that you should make sure while playing any sorts of rummy game. This should be your number one priority as it helps you to get lesser points in an unfortunate of your opponent declaring the game.

Value your Jokers

Always while playing rummy, you should keep an eye on the jokers. Especially the wildcard joker, so that you do not discard the card accidentally. The Joker is the most important card that can help you connect your cards and it carries zero points. So, it is good that you value your joker cards in the game.

Know your points

It is a good strategy to keep track of your points. At the end of the day, it is about the points that you earn. Discard the high-value cards first to reduce the points first and win the game to get zero points on your game. So make sure that you get lesser points during the game.

Watch your Opponents closely

While playing rummy, it is a fabulous strategy to keep an eye on your opponents. If you are closely monitoring your opponents, you can easily win the game. You will get an idea on what cards are possessed by your opponents in the game. This can enable you to have an extra edge in the game.

So do let us know what is your favourite tip to win a rummy tournament. If you have any queries on the games that are hosted on our site, please do let us know at