Ignoring these Rummy Strategies can Cost you the Game

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Ignoring these Rummy Strategies can Cost you the Game

Playing online rummy requires your temperament as well as your top skills and strategies. While most top players use the weakness of inexperienced players to gain a win, with some tactics you can dodge even an ace player of 13 cards rummy. Some of the top strategies for a new as well as pro player are mentioned below. If applied timely during the game, you can either win a game or can even reduce the points if an unavoidable loss is on the cards.

13 cards rummy

Importance of Pure Sequence

The importance of creating a pure sequence in 13 cards Indian rummy is inevitable. Once the cards are dealt to you, the first thing you should do is arranging your cards to know whether you can create a pure sequence. If you are unable to create a pure sequence for the entire game, it will cost you 80 points. So, discard all the high point cards like Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks if they are not making any meld and try to create a pure sequence.

Importance of Joker Cards

Joker cards makes the 13 cards rummy game more exciting which no other card games can offer. In Indian rummy, once you are dealt with the cards, it’s important to know when and where you should add the joker cards. If you are adding a joker card on a pure sequence that is already being made, you are wasting a wildcard and a chance to complete sets/sequences that are not yet formed.  Instead, try to create as many sets/sequences without joker cards and add the joker cards on places of cards which you were unable to get during the game.

Investigate on Opponent’s Rummy Gameplay

With online rummy, it is so easy to know what cards a player discards and picks. Some rummy websites even have a feature “Discard Section” which shows all the discarded cards during the game. By going through it during the game, you can know what cards your opponent is not interested and what cards he might be. Play accordingly and change your tactics periodically to gain an easy win.