Download Free Online Rummy Game and Play Legally

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Download Free Online Rummy Game and Play Legally For These 5 Reasons

Playing online rummy has become the favourite pastime for many in the recent years. Youngsters and old generation of professionals and retired individuals, everyone seems to be enjoying playing the free rummy online game for varied reasons like additional income, entertainment, rewards, challenges etc. But, some people are still apprehensive about playing rummy. Well, we thought its time we shed some light on such unwarranted apprehensions and clear the air of suspicion on why rummy game download on mobile phones is growing exponentially.

online rummy free download

Here’s a quick list of reasons to check.

The Apex Court stance

According to the Supreme Court, rummy is not based on chance and is a game of skill where the player has to use his/her mental skills in order to win the games. Thus, the Supreme Court has clearly stated that indulging in playing online games like rummy and playing for stakes too are legal in the country.

Registration status

It is a noteworthy fact that the genuine and reputed free rummy portals in India are registered entities operating under the rules of the land. They are expected to register under the Companies Act of 1956 making their establishment and their operations legal too. However, the onus always lies on the player to check the legal status of these portals before they register to play.

KYC norms

Every registered free rummy portal has systems and processes in place that comply with the government rules and regulation. For e.g. every player’s mobile number is procured and verified at the time of registration. In addition, players have to provide ID and address proof before they start playing for cash. Besides, rummy portals do the KYC (Know Your Customer) checks as mandated by RBI.

Transactions made

Unlike offline gaming clubs, all transactions made on rummy portals are non-cash transactions and happen through designated banking channels. Hence, no transaction can ever take place outside the watchful eyes of the banking system. In addition, there is a capping on the online stakes played on online rummy portals, unlike offline gaming clubs where you can play for very high stakes.

Taxes Paid

The legality of these rummy portals gets further emphasized as all the registered rummy portals pay GST and Income Tax on their income accrued. The portals have stringent anti-collusion and anti-fraud systems in place to ensure fair and transparent platform for players to enjoy.

Play legal; earn wonderful

As the online rummy sites are bracing for the exponential growth of the industry as the rummy game free download is increasing, they are leaving no stone unturned in their endeavours to make the games as transparent and legal as it could be.