Classic Rummy Variants You Should Try to Win Real Cash

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Classic Rummy Variants You Should Try to Win Real Cash

As most of us have moved away from traditional card games, it has become quite predictable where to find the best players nowadays. The professional card game players including 13 cards rummy players can be found actively playing in popular classic rummy websites and the reasons for this is the flexibility to choose between game variants and the real money they invest.

If you are a kind of player who wants to play classic Indian rummy online, you need to try your hands on multiple variants to become a professional player. By including strategies they have learnt playing on different formats of the game, the professional players are unpredictable with their moves and often add more fun to the game. Switching between variants and formats can be done very easily with online rummy, and you sure have to try this out if you are looking to play classic rummy online free and win real cash.

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Some of the top variants and formats you can try if you play classic rummy online are listed below. Join the tables now and try these formats for free to improve your skills and polish your unique strategies!

Points Rummy: Considered as the fastest form of Indian classic rummy game, Points Rummy game is played with 80 points in hand. Each point is assigned a pre-defined monetary value which paid as an entry fee. Each game is played for one deal, and the player who declares a valid meld is declared a winner.  The winner gets 0 points, and the remaining players get a penalty based on the unmatched sets or sequences they have in their hand. The winner of the game will be rewarded based on the entry fee, total points of losing players minus the amount you pay as a rake to the online rummy site you are playing in.

Pool Rummy: Another exciting variant of the classic rummy game, Pool Rummy is played with 2-6 players. Pool Rummy games are played for fixed points, say, 101 or 201. Each player who reaches either 101 or 201 points are eliminated from the game and the last man standing is declared a winner. You can even make a comeback in this exciting variation by playing the subsequent games and being a winner.

Deals Rummy: In this exciting variation of classic rummy, each player is dealt with an amount of chips depending on the entry fee of the game. The number of deals is pre-decided, and the players need to complete all the deals. Once the deals are over, the player with maximum chips is decided a winner, and so, he will take home the cash prizes. In case of a tie, the players with equal chip value will play a game to decide a winner between them.

If you are a kind of a player who loves to play classic rummy online for free, join the RummyMillionaire tables and play on practice or freeroll tables for some quick and entertaining time with your friends. If you are already a registered player with us and have feedback on the gameplay, promotions or tournaments, drop your views in the comment section below!