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Benefits of Playing Free Rummy Games

Rummy games, evolved from traditional games like Mahjong and Canasta, are one of the most widely played games around the world. The game has its roots in 18th-19th century when it was played with tiles instead of cards. With time, games like Poker and Blackjack become a mainstream game and thus rummy also has to evolve which made people to play it with cards.

benefits of playing rummy for free

The popularity of the 13 cards game didn’t stopped there. The game later moved to portable entertainment platforms like desktops, smartphone and tablets with the online version of the rummy game. Nowadays, most game websites offer a free rummy experience in which players can play for a specific amount of virtual chips which can either be gained either by redeeming offers or via chip pack purchases.

Indian rummy websites which are famous for offering variations of 13 cards rummy like pool, deal and points also allowed players to play rummy online with free chips or by redeeming the reward points they earn by playing cash games. This move allowed a lot more people to learn the game from the free rummy tables whereas others joined seeing the game as a good entertainment source.

Nowadays online rummy websites are offering players with rewards if they invite their friends to play with them. The rewards are usually real cash which will allow the players to upgrade their game from free tables to cash rummy tables. For amateur players who are still learning the basics of the rummy game, this rewarding system allows them to play with their friends on cash tables other than just playing on practice tables with virtual chips.

Most of the online rummy websites also allow players to take part in freeroll tournaments. In the freeroll tournaments, players don’t need to pay anything as entry fee but they can win cash prizes depending on the number of players who have joined the tournament.

The freeroll tournaments and free rummy games are a good way to explore your own rummy skills before you plan any cash rummy tables. Always try to join the freeroll tourneys with more players so that you can learn as much as you can. There is nothing to lose on freeroll tournaments but a lot to learn if you plan to earn real money by playing cash rummy games.