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Android vs iPhone – What’s Your Mobile Gaming Experience?

The mobile market has been a witness to significant developments in the last couple of years. The proliferation of mobile devices has led to the emergence of two significant mobile platforms – Android and iPhone majorly attracting technological innovations in the mobile space. The gaming sector has been one of the top beneficiaries of technological breakthroughs in the field of mobile technology. Succinct yet substantial enough, we delve into some of the interesting revelations about the gaming experience on both the platforms.

Battery performance

Several Android phones are available in the market to exercise your choice. Extensive customization and features peg Android ahead of iPhone attributed to limited customization and storage. However, on the battery performance parameter, both the platforms are yet to win the battle. When you are the most crucial level in your game, say Indian rummy games, a battery glitch would be the last thing you could want to happen. However, the road ahead for both the platforms is an unconquered journey yet.

Developer challenges

From the developer perceptive, with every new version of the iPhone launched, the developer community can focus on developing games bearing in mind the advancements in software and hardware of iPhones. For example, Indian rummy rules may remain the same but the developers need to add interesting features in order to keep the challenge quotient high. However, with several devices on Android platform available in the market from the earlier versions to the latest one, it is a bigger challenge for the developers to develop games compatible with all Android versions.

Mobile games

There is a massive catalog of games available for both platforms. Apple iOS maintain exclusivity with games made available in the App store alone. Further, some of the leading game publishers release their games for iPhone platform exclusively, adding to the curated list of the app for iPhones. On the other hand, the lack of exclusivity, coupled with the need for being compatible with different user interfaces of Android phones marks a major block in mobile game development for the Android platform.

Preference for fun games

Fun games like online rummy games have hit the bulls-eye in recent years. Their availability on both Android and iOS has unleashed tremendous growth for the games. Equally popular among online gamers are free versions of these games. When it comes to fun games, Android exalts supremacy over iPhone, while the latter is jolted by minimal fee issues for the same game available for free on the Android platform. Thus, regarding free games download like online rummy games, Android scores a high against iPhone.

Offers and promotions

The exciting array of offers and promotions available for both the platforms gets online gamers droll over these games. However, iPhone gamer experience falls tad shorter in comparison to their Android counterpart owing to the availability of the limited number of such promotional offers for iPhone platforms.

Seamless gaming experience

Better connectivity is the clincher here. For games where better connectivity with other devices means seamless gaming experience, iPhone is unbeatable as the Everest. A game downloaded from App Store connects seamlessly with other devices from the Apple. However, Android offers flexibility hugely dependent on third-party services.

So, what’s your verdict?

Guess, we’ve made your task a lot easier. Depending on the kind of mobile game you intend to play rummy online, pick the best platform for a joyous and enjoyable gaming experience.