4 Quick Tips on Winning Real Money Rummy Tournaments

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4 Quick Tips on Winning Rummy Tournaments

Indian rummy is now considered as one of the best skills cum strategy based games. The game is on a rise and is now played by more than millions of players on web as well as on mobile. Although, most players prefer to invest money into the game if possible, only a few pro players make a profit out of it. With a unique mixture of skills and strategies, it comes as no surprise that the players who have been winning real money games have practiced for years before they reached a level in which they can’t be beaten.

Applying some strategies and hacks in the game of rummy can help you increase the winning percentage. Most of the strategies used by pro players are easily available on video sharing platforms like Youtube or on the rummy sites you are playing in. You can either learn from it and apply them to your games or make another version of the same strategy to make it unique to yourself. Either ways, you need patience and a lot of practice to develop your skills even if you know how to play rummy game.

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Below mentioned are the 4 tips made by the professional players that will help you to play according to rummy rules and still win lots of games. Before you get your hands on these advanced strategies, we advise you to learn rummy either online or offline to comprehend these tips easily.

1. Practice

Without practicing you are going nowhere regardless of what game you are playing! Every game needs a bit of practicing which help you get a deeper knowledge of the platform, controls, moves and strategies involved. In case of 13 cards rummy, just knowing rummy rules is not enough but playing around is what will help you win a game. With multiple strategies involved in each variant and format of the game, you need to join practice tables or freerolls to practice your game in real time. The more you play of this, the better you will get in real money tables and cash rummy tournaments.

2. Discard Section

The discard section in online rummy platforms can be considered as legit hack to read your opponents’ hands. In this small window, you can know about all the cards discarded by you as well as your opponents. Just with few calculations of these discarded cards you can easily predict the possible hand your opponents are trying to make. With more practice on this, you will get faster in making these judgements and in discarding cards your opponents will never need.

3. Tournament Type & Format

You can’t win a rummy tournament just like that! There are multiple variants and formats of the game and being a pro in each one of them can be very hard. So, the first thing you need to do is to recognize the variants of Indian rummy you are good in. Once you do this, practice on that particular format and make some unique strategies that can be cracked only by you. When you are confident enough, join low-entry rummy tournaments to know your skill level against real time players.

4. Bluff In Between

While you learn rummy games, it is always said that bluffing is not possible in this game of skill. But, there are many pro players who discard cards to the table just to confuse their opponents. This will make it hard for opponents to read a hand or the meld that the player is trying to make. The harder it is to read the game play, the better performance you will give on cash rummy tournaments. So, always mix-up your rummy strategies for a better gaming experience as well as to increase your winning probabilities.

If you have already learned how to play rummy, these tips will help you to play in a better manner. Practice these tricks and always have an ace up your sleeve when you join cash rummy tournaments!