3 Ways to Fool your Online Rummy Opponents

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3 Ways to Fool your Online Rummy Opponents

The game of online rummy requires your ace skill and strategy to gain a win. Once you get used to use your best skills on the rummy tables, you can be sure of winning 75% of the game you are playing. So, what makes a player an ace player? Most ace players of rummy play on their opponents rather than playing on their own cards. This includes changing their game strategy according to their opponents’ moves and building a reputation for themselves so that the opponent thinks he has good cards.

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Some pro players are so good in fooling their opponents that most of the players they are playing rummy with often drop out of the game after a couple of moves. This type of expertise in playing rummy requires lots of practice playing more than thousands of cash rummy games and tournaments including the offline ones. Below mentioned are some of the ways a player can fool his opponent to earn an easy win, just the way the pro players do. Go through them, practice on the tables you play on including the low stakes cash rummy tables and be a master of online rummy for money.

The Discard Technique

If you are dealt with good cards and you just need a card to complete your pure sequence, you can use the Discard Technique to get the card you need. For example, if you are having cards 7,8 and 10 and you just need 9 to complete your pure sequence, there is a huge probability that your opponent might be having that card. To get the card you need, the rummy strategy is to discard either 7 or 10 so that your opponent thinks you are not making any sequence with that. If your strategy works and your opponent discards the number 9, pick it up to complete your sequence and thereby winning the game. This online rummy trick needs you to practice as much as you can to master. So, start playing with this technique first on practice tables and later on freerolls before you move your hands on the cash rummy tables.

Discards Section in Online Rummy

Most online rummy websites have a feature known as Discards Section which allows the player to go through all the discarded cards in the game, be it his or his opponents. Most pro players of the game use this feature and web a online rummy strategy around it to earn a win. The strategy is simple as it sounds. You just need to go through the discards section and check what all cards your opponent has discarded. Once you check it, you will get a clear picture on what set or sequence your opponent is trying to create.

As with any other rummy strategy, this trick also requires lots of practice as your opponent might be also trying to fool you at the same time. So, play as much games to learn the rummy trick and use the section for your advantage. By using this feature, you can also discard cards that your opponent might not be picking up to complete his melds. This can make the game to run longer and you will have enough time to complete your sets/sequence to declare the game before your opponent does.

Rummy Strategy: Bluff & Win

Yes, it is possible to bluff even in a game of skill like rummy. Once you have analyzed your opponent’s moves and if you are pretty sure your opponent doesn’t have a good card, you can use the bluff technique to earn a win. To know whether your opponents has a good hand or not, have an eye on their discards and picks. If your opponent is picking too many cards from the closed deck instead of the discards section, it is clear that he doesn’t have a great hand and is still searching for the required cards in the closed deck. If you are also facing the same trouble of not having a great hand, you can bluff your opponent by picking one or two cards simultaneously on your turns to worry your opponent and making him think that you are having a good hand. This move by you can even make your opponent to drop out of the game and thus making you a winner.

Note: Try this rummy strategy only if you are having a bad hand or if you are not confident of getting the cards you need. As with any other online rummy trick, the more you practice, the better you will get in bluffing your opponents on free as well as cash tables.