3 Useful Tips for Playing 21 Cards Rummy

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3 Useful Tips for Playing 21 Cards Rummy

21 cards rummy is an exciting variation of Indian rummy which is played in most parts of southern India. The game rose to popularity with its complex set of rules and strategies needed to gain a win. 21 cards rummy, also known as Indian Marriage, like any other card game, became a prominent game when online gaming platforms competed to add this game to their platform. Although, at first not accepted well with the players due to hard to understand rules and game play, the game slowly generated enough players and later with the help of social media and other game community forums, 21 cards rummy gained a popularity of its own.

21 cards rummy

For starters, 21 cards rummy is all about endurance. The game takes lots of time in playing and if you are not concentrated enough with your skills, you will surely lose. Once you are prepared to play this game, make sure you are in a comfortable position of not doing anything else between. The 21 cards rummy game requires 3 decks of standard 53 cards including a printed Joker card. The game begins when the 21 cards are dealt to all the players competing and the rest of the cards are placed facedown to form the closed deck. The objective of 21 cards rummy is same as that of 13 cards rummy. You have to make sequences and sets to win a game. If your opponents are also as skilled as you are, this might be a hard task but with certain tricks and strategy, you can win this game very easily.

Some of the tricks that have worked with the pro players of 21 cards rummy are listed below. Read, learn and apply these useful tips and rummy strategies to ace your first game.

1. Group your Cards Properly

Once the 21 cards are dealt to you, the first thing you should do it to arrange them properly on the basis of sequences and sets. Give more importance to pure sequences as you have to make 2 of them in 21 cards rummy to complete the objective. By arranging your cards, you will know which all cards you need to complete the melds as well as avoiding a situation of discarding any useful cards you currently have on your hand. You can also group useless cards or high cards together so that when your turn comes, you can discard them one by one.

2. Watch your Opponents Closely

Any card game related to rummy requires your close watch on your opponents. This move helps you to find what your opponents are strategizing and what cards they hold on their hand. If an opponent picks a card from the closed deck, you can be sure he is making a meld from that card and thus avoid discarding cards that might be helpful for him. Also keep an eye on your opponents discards to get a better knowledge of his hand. The more you use these tactics on your 21 cards rummy games, the better you will get in reading your opponent’s game play.

3. Play Smart

21 cards rummy is a game that requires your smart play. Smart play denotes the way you handle your 21 cards and the way you discard and pick from the closed or open deck. In rummy, the cards that can be used in multiple ways are called smart cards and playing with them perfectly can make you a smart player as well. Cards like 5,6 and 7 can be called smart cards as they can form a sequence in the easiest way possible. For example, if you are having 6 of any suit, you can use it to make sequences like 4,5,6 or 5,6,7 or 6,7,8. So, keeping smart cards can make you end the game far more easily than ever.

21 Cards Rummy is easy to play if you are aware of the game rules and game play. The concept of Tunnela, Dublee and Marriage makes the game more interesting and if the aforementioned tips are applied to the game, you can be sure of a great game if not a win. On a last note, practice as much as you can on practice tables with chips, or join the freerolls to gain as much experience on these rummy strategies.