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3 Major Myths on Rummy Games

Rummy is a game that unfortunately has many myths associated with it. Rummy is considered to be a taboo by some people because of many misconceptions associated with it. However, the popularity of the game is beyond question as more people are finding the game as exciting and entertaining.

3 myths about online rummy

Ever since the advent of online rummy platforms, there has been a massive surge in the number of players interested in the platform. The online portals have eliminated limitations of the traditional game making it more accessible for the players.

So, what are major myths that are associated with rummy games? These myths are the major roadblocks for the growth online rummy portals and the main reason why most of the people fear to play rummy in India.

Playing Rummy is Illegal

This is one of the most common myths associated with online rummy. But this is not true, the Supreme Court of India has classified rummy as a game of skill and thus is legal to be played in India. However, some states like Telangana have banned playing rummy for cash, but they can still enjoy free cash games. It is completely legal to play online rummy India unless the state government has ruled otherwise.

You need to be lucky to win rummy

You cannot win rummy by being lucky. The truth is that you need to possess certain skills that require constant practice and dedication to win the game. Rummy is a game of skill; you need to have unparalleled attention to win the game. You also need to implement strategies to win the game. Unlike games like Teen Patti and Poker, Rummy cannot be played with the factor of luck.

Play Rummy is a waste of time

This is not true! Playing rummy has multiple benefits. It can increase your mathematical skills, analytical skills and helps in improving your cognitive functions. If you are good at playing rummy, you can play it for cash and earn extra income from home. Rummy Millionaire offers players the opportunity to play rummy on the go. Players can download the game and play and earn cash from their mobile devices.

These are some of the major misconceptions about online rummy games. If you are new to rummy, register at Rummy Millionaire and learn Indian rummy rules and practice in our free rummy game tables. Please do let us know all your queries on the game at Support@RummyMillionaire.com.