The 3 Different Types of Rummy Players: Which One are You? - Rummy Online

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The 3 Different Types of Rummy Players: Which One are You?

Types of Rummy Players

Online rummy is indeed a favorite card game among people. The increasing number of registered rummy players and the growing traffic to the free rummy websites are enough evidence to its growing popularity.

Regardless of age, gender, and profession, everyone is attracted to free rummy games. The different and interesting variants of the game along with the attractive rewards and cash prizes have been vital reasons for this growth.

Quite often you’ll find different types of rummy players while playing the games.

  1. The beginners/ newbies

No surprises for the guess! As expected, these players are new to the game. They are characterized by their inquisitive behavior.

As they are new to the game, they are very keen on understanding everything about the game –the rules, the online format, its features, variants, offers etc.

Rules of the game are not their primary concern; they are inquisitive just about everything related to the games. It is definitely not hard to find such players.

They essentially hover around free rummy games, freerolls, and low stake cash tables too. Play a game or two you’ll be easily able to identify such players.

  1. The learners

These players are a little-experienced, compared to the newbies. They would have primarily got themselves acquainted with the features of the rummy sites, playing guidelines and other site and game-related information.

In most cases, they would have played a couple of free rummy online games or cash games too. They are characterized by their inclination to learn more.

You’ll find such players always in the learning mode absorbing anything and everything coming their way. They focus their efforts on learning new tips and tricks, winning strategies, hacks and other useful information related to the game.

Such players prefer to play every hand without discriminating them as good or bad as their sole purpose is to learn. Even if it means to lose a game, they intently play to learn.

  1. The skilled studs

They are the best of the breed. They know the game like the back of their hand. Adept at playing the free rummy online game, they are not just skilled, they crush their opponents with a couple of moves.

They are seasoned players dedicated so much to the game that rummy is neither a pastime nor a purpose, it is their passion and beyond.

They take both wins and losses with such dexterity as they would with any mundane job. Failures do not pull them down; rather, they take a break and come back with such vigor that they are unstoppable.

They are often found playing at big stake tables and tournaments they draw their adrenaline rush from the ultimate challenges of the game.

Playing with such players is an opportunity to not only check your rummy skills but getting defeated should be perceived as a learning experience.

Types of players as different as the type of people who play

Apart from these, you also have the happy-go-lucky kind of players who play for sheer enjoyment. Then, the big bluffs though do not have a good hand, bluff such convincingly as having one.

All in all, the different types of players add enough drama to the games making it worth playing every move.