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3 Big Mistakes Made by Online Rummy Players

Learning the rules of rummy are pretty much easy, the most vital thing that matters is how you play your hand. Because anyone who get access to rules can play rummy, but wisdom comes with practice. You need to know how to play Rummy wisely like a professional. Even some of the expert online rummy players do silly mistakes that are usually done by the beginner level players. It is important to use your knowledge on rummy religiously and wisely so that you can be sure that you played a good game. The game of rummy is not about winning, it is self satisfaction on how we were able to play with the random hands we were dealt with.

play rummy without mistakes

At Rummy Millionaire, we have many wise rummy players both young and old. We treat our players with respect and we always try to provide our players with the best guidelines on how to win the game. Our blog section is designed to provide timely suggestions, strategies and tips to our players at Rummy Millionaire.  In this article we are discussing on the 3 big mistakes that are made by online rummy gamers.

#1 Heading Straight to the High Tables

As opposed to traditional rummy, you can play directly with the pros in online rummy as long as you are paying the entry table fee. In traditional rummy even if you have the money, chances are that you never get to play with the pros. While it is always good to play with the pros and increase your experience, you need to practice first. Rummy Millionaire offers our players with free practice chips where you can practice your skills and then you can level up to be a cash player.

The upside of practicing your hand at practice tables is that you get to improve your speed and perfection of your draw and discards. This will make you used to the game, thereby increasing your skill to overpower another skilled player. So you should always give priority to gaining enough skill so that you can slowly upscale yourself into a pro rummy gamer. Rummy Millionaire provides you with a fully fledged tutorial section so that you can learn how to play rummy and the basics. We also have a list of basic to advanced rummy strategies that help you to get the basic idea on how to play wisely on a rummy table.

#2 Ignoring the discards section

Yet another mistake that people tend to do is that they ignore the discards section. Ignoring this is like playing blind. You cannot play smart if you do not have the insights on what your opponent is holding. You can either memorize the cards or you can take notice of the cards in the discards section. This will enable you to have a wider view on what is happening around you. As compared to traditional rummy, online rummy has the upside of the discards section. In traditional rummy you are left with no other option rather than to remember the cards that your opponent has discarded. While in the discards section you can actually see the discarded cards whenever you want to make a smart discard.

While discarding cards, you should note that the cards that are to discard do not make any use to your opponent. To have an idea on the cards in your competitor's hand, you need to memorize the cards that they drag from the open deck. This is the only information you need to memorize as the discarded cards could be viewed from the discard section.

#3 Getting too involved in Chat Feature

At Rummy Millionaire, we make sure that you are able to socialize with your co-players while playing online rummy. The chat option in the game table is an amazing feature. You can use the chat feature at practice tables and you should try to restrict this while playing serious cash games. The chat feature can sometimes be misleading as other players may try to bluff you by making you believe that they have one card left. Chances are that you will be bluffed and may be forced to fold the hand. Make sure that while playing serious cash games, try not to get too involved in the chat section which is unprofessional.

If you are a beginner, you can chat with the opponents freely to help you in getting hold of the game. But once you have levelled up as a cash player where you are playing seriously, you should try to refrain yourself from chatting.

Hope you play responsibly and try to play rummy wisely like a pro. If you have any queries on the Rummy Millionaire game or tournaments, please do let us know at support@rummymillionaire.com