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5 Secret Tips to Top Rummy Leaderboard Contest

Rummy Millionaire offers you with a wide range of contests and promotions. We always want to provide our customers with the best-in-class gaming experience. The rummy contests that we host at Rummy Millionaire are both exciting as well as rewarding. Rummy leaderboard contest is one of the most loved challenges that we host at Rummy Millionaire.

secret tips- rummy leaderboard

Rummy Leaderboard contest is all about fame and prize! You can earn the reputation by making it to the top of the rummy leaderboard. The main objective of the leaderboard contest is to win maximum number of games and the player with the highest point (winnings) is the winner of the contest. Rummy Millionaire hosts different types of leaderboard contest with a wide range of prizes. If you are interested in joining the rummy leaderboard contest, head straight to the rummy promotions section and see the list of contest that are currently running.

If you have got the skill and confidence, you can easily win the leaderboard contest. It is an upside for the leaderboard contest, if you are a skilled rummy player. Below are some tips that will help you top the Rummy leaderboard contest.

#1 Find the Right Table

The important thing to note is the table that you are about to join during the contest. You have to understand the rummy leaderboard contest is valid for cash tables. So find the table that is perfect for you in terms of entry fee. You can choose from the different cash tables from the Rummy Millionaire lobby.

You need to make sure that you are not joining any tournament tables. Tournament winnings are not eligible for the leaderboard contest.  One you find the right tables, start playing and win the games. Slowly after winning a few online rummy games, you can enter the high tables.

#2 Give Importance to High Table

If you want to earn maximum points for the leaderboard contest, it is better to join the high tables first. The more you are able to win, more the chances of winning the contest. If you are able to win the high tables, you will have high chance of winning the contest. The most interesting upside of the leaderboard contest is that it doubles the happiness on your winnings. This is because, you will be urged to play more games and if you are able to win; you will earn lots of cash prizes in addition to the contest winnings.

#3 Check your scores Regularly

If you have an overall idea on what is the status of your winnings and what is your status on the leaderboard, you will be able to make a decision. You can easily check the score by visiting the leaderboard section in the game lobby; there you will be able to view the current status of the contest. You can make the most out of the contest if you get this actionable insight from this section.

Another important thing to note is the minimum amount required to deposit before participating in the contest. In order to take part in this contest, Rummy Millionaire requires our players to deposit a minimum amount into their account.

#4 Note the Time Frame

Time frame of the contest is another important thing to note in the leaderboard contest. We have a time limit for every contest that we run and you should be able to compete to the top for winning the leaderboard contest.

Note that there is more than one winner in the leaderboard contests. Depending on the type of leaderboard contest, there are 100 to 200 winners in the contest. If you are not able to finish first, you don't have to worry, because you can win even if you reach 100.

#5 Use Rummy Strategies to Win

Winning the leaderboard contest is like winning any other cash rummy table. All you have to do is to perform your best in all the cash games you play in the contest time frame. You can make use of our rummy tutorials section where you can learn all the latest rummy tips and strategies that will help you win the game.

So if you are interested in winning more from the Rummy leaderboard contest, all you have to do is to visit our website and check the promotions section for the latest contests that are running in the Rummy Millionaire website.