13 Card Rummy | Evolution & Gameplay of 13 Cards Indian Rummy

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The Evolution of 13 Card Indian Rummy

13 Card Indian Rummy has been India’s favourite card game since two centuries. Through these years the rummy has been evolving, there are now many approved versions of rummy that are played throughout the world. The Indian version of the rummy is the 13 cards rummy and is played in almost Indian families. There are even many variants to the Indian rummy like points rummy, deals rummy, pool rummy etc.

13 Card Indian Rummy

The popularity of the game is rising day by day. As a great medicine to unwind you from the stress of the daily work and as an activity to keep yourself busy at free time, rummy is now the blue eyed boy. Every time is a good time to play rummy; it is interesting to note that you will never lose excitement while you play rummy all the time. Rummy is also said to increase the mathematical skill of players, in children it can help in easy calculations. It also makes the children confident while mingling with the outside world.

Shift from Offline Rummy to Online Rummy

With the fan base is increasing, rummy has now shifted to the online version. Online rummy has outreached some of the top trending online games lately. In Rummy Millionaire, for instance, the usability and the game play are top-notch, which makes it the paradise for rummy lovers.  The rummy platforms have now made simpler and lightweight and it can even be loaded easily on smartphones.

The Supreme Court lately released a legal order that suggests that rummy is game of skill and shouldn't be banned; this has actually made the game even bigger. With lots of online rummy gaming websites evolving daily, everyone can choose their favorite gaming platform and have fun.

The thrill and excitement of rummy has never been compromised in the online counterpart. With real-time multiplayer online rummy games, players can actually play with their friends in different location without any hitch!

Play Rummy for Cash

Another major attraction of the online rummy is actually the real money involved in the game. Lately there has been a major breakthrough in the e-commerce sector which has actually made the online transactions hassle free. With the help of this, gamers can now easily make the payment and withdraw the earned money to their bank account easily.

Online Rummy has marked a strong revolution in the online gaming industry. Gamers who have got the skill to play rummy can now easily money by playing. They do not have to go casinos or wait for their friends anymore, they can just login, play and earn!

All the limitations of traditional rummy are now history with online rummy games. Now players from all over the world can sit on their highest level of comfort and play the game whenever and wherever they want. If you are a skilled player in any of the variation of rummy, you won’t find it too difficult to learn the basic rules and guidelines to play Indian Rummy game.

Easy to Master - 13 Cards Rummy

13 cards rummy is an interesting game if you are aware of all the rules to play the game. Most Indian rummy game websites have a separate page that hosts a number of video tutorials as well as pages on advanced strategies to improve your winning percentage in this amazing game of skill. As the Indian rummy game is evolving day by day and is getting launched in numerous platforms, you can be sure of having multiple ways to have more fun with card games.

As card games like rummy has gone online and mobile, it is now much easier for enthusiastic players to learn the game. Now you can login to your PC or smartphone and start a game for fun or for real cash depending on the platform. Some online rummy websites also allows you to buy chips and play with chips which make the game so realistic. You can even become a club member depending on the amount you spend on chips or deposit in your rummy account to play cash games.

You don’t need to be worried if you are an amateur player too! Most of the Indian Rummy websites have Practice Tables in which you can learn, try and polish your rummy skills. If you want to win cash while having practice too, you can try freeroll tourneys in which you don’t have to make any deposit to play for cash. The entry is free for freeroll tourneys so you can compete in as many tourneys depending on the Indian Rummy website you are playing.

Interest Matters!

Depending on your interest, you can choose to play on any table you like. Different tables will have different prize pool, you can choose the one which is best suited to your pocket. In online rummy, you will have an opportunity to play with a wide range of gamers from different location which is a really good experience. This will help you master the game quickly and also you can peek at the strategies used by the pros to win the game.

Almost all of the online rummy websites have offers and promos throughout the year. Gamers will be able to redeem the daily visit bonus and they can play and earn it in cash. With the user base getting bigger and bigger online rummy gaming companies are giving away many promo offers.

Rummy Millionaire is an online rummy website where you can play practice games, freeroll tourneys and cash games as much as you like. You can claim 100% bonus on your deposits and also cash back offers in case you lost a game in any of the promo days. To learn the advanced strategies to improve your gameplay, do check out our How to Play category.

If haven't played rummy online yet, it is high time you try out the 'beginners luck'. The luck factor plays minimal role in online rummy, the name of the game is skill. So if you are game login to RummyMillionaire.com and try out the latest online rummy tournaments!